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Biotin Strong/MSM

Biotin Strong/MSM

Internal care


  • For a healthy growth of the hoof and a quality of the horn, hair and hair improved thanks to biotin & MSM combined 
  • Biotin is an essential vitamin for the growth and good quality of the hoof horn, in case of fragile, friable, brittle hooves 
  • In the form of vermicelli that is easy to distribute in the ration 
  • Contains copper and zinc that strengthens the assimilation of biotin, addition of brewer’s yeast for a balanced digestive flora and good absorption of nutrients 
  • Enhanced immunity with zinc and vitamin D combined
  • The plants distributed by Vital'Herbs are guaranteed non-irradiated, non-GMO, human quality

We provide information only to support and optimize the health of your horse naturally. In Belgium, it is established by law that only a veterinarian can make a medical diagnosis and give medical treatment.



Organic Corn, clay, organic molasses, brewer's yeast, cherry, arnica, hammélis, red vine, hazel.

3a880 biotine..1800mg/kg

3a841 Vit B5:600mg/kg

3b604 Zinc sulfate: 4800mg/kg

Cendres brutes 37,30%

3a672a Vit A..1000000mg/kg

3a831 Vit B6…100mg/kg

3b405 Cuivre sulfate :1500mg/kg

Protéines brutes : 4,10%

3a671 Vit .200 000mg/kg

3a835 Vit B12 1mg/kg

3b202 Iode (iodate de calcium): 400mg/kg

Cellulose Brutes: 0,90%

3a700 Vit E……200 mg/kg

3a316 Acide folique...1000 mg/kg

3b503 manganèse sulfate: 3.600 mg/kg

Matières grasses: 0,70%

3a820 Vit B1…..800mg/kg


3b302 Cobalt carbonate: 60mg/kg

Methionine....600 mg/kg

Vit ……100mg/kg

Manganèse sulfate 3600mg/kg

 Lysine..........1080 mg/kg          

2b12175 MSM.30.000mg/kg

Biotin Strong/MSM


  • Use for 60 days continuous/renewable 
  • Horses/double ponies: 1 pod per day in ration (30gr) 
  • Foal/Ponies: 1/2 pod (15gr) 
  • Presentation: 1,800 kg kraft bag for 60 days with scoop included

Food supplement for horses. Close well after use - Keep out of reach of children - Store in a cool, dry place away from light. 

Do you have a follow-up question? Do you want personalized advice adapted to your horse’s specific needs? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by phone. You can also ask to be contacted. We will be pleased to help you.

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