The benefits of phytotherapy

The enormous progress made by modern medicine notwithstanding, phytotherapy offers many benefits.  We should bear in mind that except for recent years, people have only used plants to care for themselves.  Today, plant-based treatments are returning to the forefront, because the efficacy of medicines such as antibiotics (considered as the universal solution for serious infections) is declining.  Bacteria and viruses have gradually adapted to medicines and are increasingly more resistant.  Phytotherapy, which proposes natural and efficacious remedies, is well accepted by the horse’s organism.  The horse is herbivorous, its digestive system is ideally made to assimilate herbs and all their components fully.  The horse appreciates the taste of plants, they are 100% natural, without artificial flavourings or preservatives.  Phytotherapy has yet another advantage:  there are no side effects, and the plants can be consumed throughout the year at the dose prescribed by your specialist.

Nutritional and healing plants

The equine organism is often far better suited to a plant-based treatment than an exclusively chemical therapy.  Horses and plants have lived side by side for thousands of years.  Horses are used to eating and digesting different species of plants.


Quality control

To make the most out of medicinal plants, particular care must be taken to ensure that the herbs and their derivatives are of excellent quality.  This requires that they be cultivated in good conditions, correctly dried, kept properly, and that their “best by” date be duly complied with. Vital’Herbs undertakes to use only top quality herbs.

Our medicinal plants

There are some 500,000 plants on earth, about 10,000 of which have medicinal properties.  We used 45 different plants to form our synergies.  Most of these plants are well known and traditionally used throughout the world.  All of these plants have been subjected to in-depth study and are have a good effect on your horse’s health.

Vital'Herbs quality


Vital'Herbs quality

Owners, breeders, riding centres and professionals have here a range of 100% natural products adapted to the specific needs of each horse. Vital’Herbs certifies that all its products have at no time been subjected to ionising processes and that they do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  All our products stem from companies that are ISO 22000:2005 and GMP certified.


All our dietary supplements, medicinal plants and care lotions are part of our range of natural products tested and referenced for flawless traceability.  The blends are prepared when the order is placed to guarantee optimal freshness.


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