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Internal care


Gastro Forte, rich in 100% natural plant extracts, helps support the sensitive stomach of the horse and regulate acidity, forms a gastric bandage.

Recommended especially at:

• Sport horses with intensive training or stress.

• In sensitive horses subject to gastric ulcers.

• A horse fed with a diet rich in grain and / or poor hay.

Kaolin, Lithothamne, Aloe Vera, Chicory, Marshmallow, Glycerine, Pssyllium, Mint essential oil.


Shake the bottle well before use. To mix with the ration or directly in the mouth with feeding syringe.Donner in 2 times if possible morning and evening. Critical phase: 3 weeks in a row: horse, double pony: 80 ml / day Ponies: 40 ml / day

Daily maintenance: horses, double ponies: 50 ml / day Ponies: 25 ml / day possible use during gestation, feeding mare, foals and in competitions. Food supplement for horses. Close tightly after use - Keep out of reach of children - Keep in a cool, dry place away from light.

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