Relax tabs

Internal care


Relax Dog is an anti-stress food supplement for dogs and cats 100% natural to use during stressful events like: transport, competition, departure on vacation, moving home or other disturbing event for your pet. Helps reduce anxiety in dogs and cats in any circumstance without side effects, drowsiness or risk of addiction.

*** Food supplement for dogs and cats.

Valerian, passionflower, jasmine, hops, chamomile, binders. Amino acid: Tryptophan 6.5%

Crude ash: 9.45%, Crude proteins: traces, Fat content: 0.02%, Cellulose: 0.20%, Lysine: traces, sodium: Traces

Presentation: 1 box of 100 tablets

  • Dogs: 1 tablet for 10 kg
  • Cats: 1 tablet.

Usable during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for young people (weaning). Not suitable during the breading season. The dose can be doubled the first days for a quick effect.

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