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Vitamin E of Vital'Herbs is rich in antioxidants, selenium and lysine, helps support the functioning of the muscles of the horse on exercise and promotes the development of muscle mass. Pomegranate contains a high amount of antioxidants, the juice contains more. Cranberry juice: powerful antioxidant.

    *training horse, increase stamina, stimulate nerve impulses and promote rapid recovery
    *For the sport horse in training (all disciplines)
    *For the horse lacking musculature / tired muscles
    *In the mare or stallion, to improve reproductive functions
    *To meet the increased nutritional needs during periods of intense effort.


    **Dietary supplement for horses

Organic apple juice, organic pomegranate juice, Organic Cranberries juice. Sprouted cereals, nettle, horsetail.

Additifs au litre / liter 3.2.3 Lysine- 80 000 mg Glycine – 40 000mg
E8 Sélenium (Sélenite de sodium) – 80 mg 3b8.10 Sélenium (sélénométhionine) – 20 mg 3a700 Vitamine E – 85 000 UI
Lysine – 8% Méthionine – 0.01% Sodium – 0.01%

  • Horses, double pony: 20 ml / day.
  • Ponies: 10 ml / day.
  • Foals: 5ml / day in the food or directly in the mouth with the help of an oral syringe.

Can be used during competition, gestation, lactation and foals. 1 liter = 50 days of use.

Precautions for use: Food supplement formulated for equines - Keep out of reach of children - Keep in a dry place - Close tightly after use.

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