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Omega 3 oil Strong

Omega 3 oil Strong

Internal care

Contribution of essential fatty acids: linseed oil, rapeseed, hemp, hazelnut, *borage /*from organic farming + enriched with Vitamin E. No fish, no soy.


  • Gives a shiny coat and healthy skin 
  • strengthens the overall immune system/Omegas 3 act as immunomodulators 
  • decreases inflammation in the horse’s body 
  • promotes heart function 
  • fights oxidative stress 
  • excellent for foals and young horses, Pregnant mares, improves mare cycle 
  • Horses overweight/ or in poor condition/ help gain weight 
  • improves the digestibility of the ration, decreases gastric acidity 
  • Has a positive effect on stress, Indeed, omegas 3 are essential for the proper functioning of the brain, a deficiency leads to brain dysfunction. The brain is composed of 70% fat  Omega-3 fatty acids facilitate the conduction of the nervous messenger

Vitamin E is a FAT soluble vitamin.  It is mainly present in vegetable fats such as quality vegetable oils. It is well known for its antioxidant properties, and therefore protective of the body’s cells against oxidative stress. Vitamin E through its antioxidant activity traps free radicals and protects organs such as the lungs and liver.

Linseed oil, rapeseed, hemp, hazelnut, *borage/*from organic farming + enriched Vitamin E. Without fish, without soy. Omega 3 Alpha linolenic acid: 36 to 41%

Omega 6 Linoleic acid: 10 to 15%
Omega 9 Oleic acid   :  30 to 37% Vitamin E: 2000 mg Omega 3/6 ratio:   2.7/1 Equine food supplement.


Close well after use - Keep out of reach of children - Store in a cool, dry place away from light. 
You want personalized advice adapted to the specific needs of your horse? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by phone. You can also ask to be contacted.

Directions for use: 

  • Horses: 50 ml in the ration under maintenance, 25 ml 
  • Pony foals: 25 ml per day in the ration under maintenance 10 ml
  • Shetland: 15 ml per day under maintenance 5 ml 
  • All winter to return to pasture (April) or to give a course of 1 or 2 months, according to the needs of your horse

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