Nice & Calm Forte

Internal care


1 L

To be used as relaxing and soothing. Ideal for a calm, transport, competition or a horse which must remain calm in its box for convalescence. For a calm and serene horse. Nice & Calm strong make your horse sleepy.

Hops, yellow jasmine, roman chamomile, sage, hawthorn, lavender flowers, lemon balm, passionflower, chaste trees, verbena. Additive: L-Tryptophan ... 15000 mg


  • 2 days before and on the day of a competition, transport or any other stressful event; change of place, separation etc
  • • Horses: 100 ml / day
  • • Pony and foals: 50 ml / day
  • • In maintenance or for longer periods: Horses 40 to 50 ml / day and ponies: 20 to 25 ml per day.
  • • Possible use during gestation, lactation, foals and sport horses.
  • • Not suitable for stallions during the riding season.
  • • 1L dosing bottle

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