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Helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract, effectively strengthens and balances the intestinal flora. Advanced formula Leaky GUT. Stabilizer of the flora, regulates the PH. Intestinal permeability in the horse is defined as a rupture of the intestinal lining that protects the body and plays a major role in the absorption of nutrients.

Several factors create a permeability of the intestinal mucosa (Dysbiosis) of our horses. Leaky Gut is a structural disorder that needs specific and nutritional support. Permea'Gut combines the main compounds to support intestinal restoration.


  •     Permea'Gut is a comprehensive approach to promote the restoration of digestive leaks thanks to L-Glutamine.
  •     Boosts the immune system
  •     Gastrointestinal support
  •     Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory action **
  •     Licorice is anti-inflammatory and soothing, it relieves inflammation of the digestive and respiratory systems. She treats gastritis **


Food supplement for horses

Presentation: 1.8 kg screw jar with a 100 ml pod equivalent to 60 gr of product. Use 1 month.

We provide information only to support and optimize your pet's health in a natural way. In Belgium, it is established by law that only a veterinarian can establish a medical diagnosis and give medical treatment.

Source: 6 Zhang B, et al. Zinc prevents Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium-induced loss of intestinal mucosal barrier function in broiler chickens. 2012. Avian Pathology. 41: 361–367.

Relation entre intetsins permeable , obesité, fourbure:
Role de la glutamine dans l'intetsins permeable:

Un point de vue sur le syndrome de l'intestin Leaky pour traiter l'asthme allergique: un nouvel avis :

** Reglisse:
**Aloé Vera 

**Aloé Vera



L-Glutamic Acid 2b620 500g   Vitamin B12 50mg / kg Zink and hydrated amino acid chelate: 3000 mg

Probiotic: Saccharomyces cerevisiae CB493.94 active substance 75,000,000,000 CFU / kg) Registration: 4a1704

Ispaghul, licorice, konjac, Aloe vera. 

Crude protein: 6.90%, crude fiber 10.25% fat: 1.95% Crude ash: 7.80%

Horses: 60 gr = 4 pod per day in the food, spread over 2 meals

Ponies: 30 gr = 2 pod per day in the food, spread over 2 meals

Can be used during pregnancy, lactation and foals. To be used for 30 days (1 jar) or more if necessary. . Make a few days of Hepa'Clean or drainage before to optimize the effect of Permea gut.

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