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The Vital Herbs algae are pure algae, dried and crushed immediately after harvesting to preserve all their nutritional value. Fucus vesiculosus brings is very comprehensive and provides all the necessary elements for proper metabolism of the horse. Also used in case of lack of vitamins and minerals. To be used for good pigmentation sensitive or skin. Do not give to pregnant mares.

*Dietary supplement.


100% Thallus Fucus vesiculosus / 1cm Cut.

  • Carbohydrates: 60%
  • Proteins: 10%
  • Fat: 3%
  • Ash: 15%


  • Horses: 20gr / day (one scoop)
  • Broodmare: 30gr / day (scoop1 1/2)
  • Foal, ponies, donkeys: 10gr / day (half scoop)

Food supplement for horses. Close well after use - Keep out of reach of children - Store in a cool, dry place away from light. 

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