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Mud'Less Mudfever

Mud'Less Mudfever

Mixtures of plants

Is your horse susceptible to mudfever? Mud'Less Plus Liquid has been formulated to support overall immunity and fragile skin exposed to mud and moisture


Mud'Less has been formulated to support the overall immunity,  rich in amino acids needed for the production of keratin, the first line of defense of hair and skin against moisture. Strengthens the immunity, activates the regrowth and the health of the hairs and the maintenance of a healthy skin: to give 1 month before the period of the mud fever.

    *Dietary supplement for horses.


Mud'Less Mudfever

Burdock, wild pansy, chia seed, turmeric root, cinnamon bark, thyme leaves, echinacea, marigolds flowers, artichoke, grapefruit seeds. Cellulose: 22.3% proteins: 6% lipids: 6.65% ash: 8.4%

  • horses: 3 sponns a day (35gr)
  • Pony: 1 1/2 spoons a day in the feed.

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