Nice & Calm

Mixtures of plants

Nice & Calm

 Use as relaxing and soothing. Ideal for cleaning smooth, transport, competition or a horse should remain calm in his stall for convalescence. For a quiet and serene horse. Nice & Calm does not fall asleep the horse.

Composition: Hawthorn luminary, basil leaves, lavender flowers, lemon balm, hops, passionflower, sweet clover, gattiliers (Agnus Castus), Verbena officinalis.

Can be used in international competition and race / Do not give to pregnant mares.

Instructions: Horses: 6 scoops / day - Pony: 3 scoops / day 1kg mixture = 33 days. It is possible to decrease the dosage after a few weeks while keeping the same effect.

  •      Dietary supplement

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