Easy Breath

Mixtures of plants

Easy Breath

Sometimes the airways of the horse are weakened by cold, moisture, dust, pollen, it has difficulty breathing and mucus remain in the trachea.

Easy Breath brings comfort to fragile horses airway resistance .a better and less hypersensitivity reactions. Use to clear the airway. In a soothing effect on the throat for easy breathing.

Composition: plantain, basil leaves, fennel seed, lavender flowers, Marrubium vulgare, melissa leaf, peppermint, nettle, licorice and natural thyme leaves. Do not give to pregnant mares.

Instructions: Horses: 4-5 steps / day in the rational Ponies: 2 to 3 measurements / day in the diet. Cellulose: 18.9% protein: 12% fat 4.3% ash, 4.6%

  •      Dietary supplement

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