Internal care


Electrolyte refill with marine extracts, completely natural, big bioavailability. Recupération of the sporting horse during important éfforts.

  •     During any activity causing an important sweating and requiring an immediate refill of Electrolytes.
  •     Possible use during gestation, and Feeding mares and for foals.
  •     Usable immediately before, during and after a Competition or a Transport. Doping free.

Ingredients: salt Extracts, produced by the hive, produced by the transformation of selected plants of among which: thought savage, Pot marigolds, blackcurrant, bamboo, vergerette.

Contains: Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium

Horses - big Ponies: 40ml to 50 ml
Ponies - Foals - Donkey: 20ml to 25ml

  • Dietary supplement
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