Tix Phyt Spray Dog


Tix Phyt Spray Dog

Tranquil this summer: ticks / fleas / mosquitoes for your dogs 100% natural. Spray has been formulated for big dogs, for small dogs and cats: Tix Phyt drops

Use: Spray 3 days after each other, then once every 8 to 15 days or more often if necessary, the frequency of application and the amount of product will depend on the sensitivity of each animal to parasites and environment, if your dog lives in apartment in town for example or in the countryside or on a farm. In very rare cases, your pet may have a reaction to HE, stop the products.

Composition: Extracts of geranium, neem oil, walnut, essential oils of geranium, eukalyptus, lavender and lavandin! 100% natural without pyrethrum.

Presentation: spray bottle 500 ml. Non-greasy lotion easy to apply.

Keep out of reach of children in a cool, dark place.

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